The best transportation in Mexico and the Mayan Riviera. To enjoy

Modern wonder. Imposing ancient Mayan city

How many steps does Kukulcán Castle have in total at Chichen Itza?

The Kukulkan temple has four stairways; Each of them has 91 steps. In this way they add 364 and considering the upper platform of the temple we have a total 365 units representing the days of Haab.

#2. A dip in the cenote Ik Kil

The Ik Kil cenote in the homologous archaeological park of the state of Yucatan will offer you an incredible stay in its crystalline waters.

#3. Tequila Hacienda

TIn this place, you will get to know the process of making tequila closely, starting with a journey through the plantations, to later enter the area where work begins until it is placed in bottles of different sizes.

#4. Finally, magical town, valladolid

Valladolid is considered a Magic Town of Yucatan, a city famous for its gastronomy and the friendliness of its people.